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Questions and pondering

A little thing I posted to one of my blogs:

Since I started this, I have begun to become uncertain as to it's purpose. Initially, I only wanted a place to be able to post my writings, thoughts, reflections, essays, and other related ideas, but even that has proved difficult. Questions to consider:

  • is this blog solely devoted to analytical essays and reflections?
  • if so, why is that?
  •  how does this blog relate to my (slightly) more writing oriented blog?
  • if I focus on one, which one should it be?
  • if I try to colsolidate my work (writing) under one e-mail, should I use the blog that accompanies that one? (which I'm not doing)
  •  what do I actually want to write about?

Potential ideas: One Piece, Ramayana, fairy tales, Disney, literature, religion, philosophy, myth, folklore, Arabian Nights-inspired stories, and anything to do with the lineages, history, individuals, islands, and lore of my developed corpus of fiction writing.

But my writing begs the questions:

  • is it really derived all the way from my childhood ideas?
  • if not, is that good or bad? Or neither?
  • if it is, is it in a loose, having-grown from what it once was way?
  • if it has "finally" found it's roots (2011), but I felt that it had years ago (2007-2009), then will my writing always be growing?
  • but then, is there a difference between the roots of Tochtatl (a collection of especially large islands) and the roots of the watery island world within which it exists?
  • what kind of stories do I even want to tell? what does it matter if I write them?


It's amazing that uploading a few icons can make this journal seem renewed with life. Though to be honest, I wonder what use this thing is, prominently because I feel that people have (generally) moved onto other spots on the internet. I'm not sure if that statement actually made sense; I'm a little tired since I woke up early. Either way, I shall see what I can do with this whole thing.

This actually came from a sudden thought that I could make a poll (for my various writing projects) and then I realized 1. very few people could actually vote and 2. I'm not sure it would make a difference for what I what. That said, I'd still like to summarize my projects.

1: the ever on-going (so it seems to me) revision of the 1001 Nights' tale of "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp".

Even though it isn't actually part of the Nights, being created by a Frenchman (that is, there's no related text or reference to it until after Galland published his French translations of the Nights). That said, the tale's very popular in the West; Hans Christian Anderson, for example, was quite fond of the comparing himself to Aladdin (check citation for that). Also, when one breaks the tale down, it is very much, in some sense I've always felt, a male-Cinderella story. It's basically a story of wish-fulfillment. Except for the final stage of the story where Aladdin has to use his own wits (slightly) to get out of some trouble without the jinn of lamp's help.

That said, I've always been partial to this tale, if only because of the beautiful garden and treasure troves he has to walk through to get to the lamp. And Aladdin and Badroulbadour (that's the princess' name) conspiring together to kill the Moor. And Aladdin having to deal with his consequences on his own. I like all three aspects, but particularly the first, too. Though my favorite tale from the Nights would have to be "Tale of the Three Apples" and more specifically, the tale within that tale: the "Tale of Núr al-Dín Alí and His Son Badr al-Dín Hasan"

But as for my revision, the first book was finished December 11, 2009; the first book's first extreme revision (plot, characters, voice, title, style) was complete April 14, 2012, meaning the entire (roughly) 505,855 word story has taken me 2 years and a half to work on, including edits and actual writing. To be honest, most of the 500,000+ story will probably end up being completely rewritten under the guise of my current revisions. Anywho, it's a complex story, with various characters and plots all woven together. It's relation to the original tale from the Nights is very minimal, I'd say.

2: my slowly progressing work of love, the Vanarayana, as I'm calling it.

It's essentially a revision (apparently I like those? but that leads me into a whole reflection I won't go into) of the Indian epic, the Ramayana, focusing on the vanaras (or monkeys). It's essentially about their relations to each other, their personalities, their feelings, and their culture (which I feel isn't addressed as deeply as it could be). There will (I'm hoping) be some culture focus for the demons of Lanka, because well, one of my earliest motivations in writing was demon culture in a very precise, particular way (think trees and fire and diversity). I address some of these feelings here, at my blog.

I haven't even been working on it for a full year, but it's still a lot of fun. I'm not in any hurry to complete it, and whenever I do write it, it's usually very refreshing to do it, because I feel like the dialogue and the language of the piece are very precise. Each word is important. It's also kind for Hanuman. :3

3. a revision of an earlier work of mine about a dragon. I wrote it back in, oh, 2002 maybe. It's terrible to look back on, but last night I was re-reading my revisions and, man, it's actually kind of good now. Also, because the general outline is relatively short, I'm hoping I can get it done a bit faster than the Aladdin revision. And that'd be nice.

I may add actuall textual examples later; for the moment, I think this is enough. May you be fulfilled in your ambitions and live as is best for you.

Apr. 29th, 2012

Last night I watched the English dub of Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama. Produced initially in 1992, it was originally, I gather, released in Hindi, then dubbed in Japanese, and later into English. Since the producers, musicans, and animators, from what I observed in the credits, are a blend of Indian and Japanese, it means that the animation is very "early 90s", which I apparently like.

Watching it, did remind me of what I initially found so appealing about the Ramayana, when I first stumbled across a condensed version of the story in a Cricket Magazine -- a hero on a quest with non-human assistance (i.e. vanara).

In other news, I've been posting a 30 Day One Piece Challenge on my new blog account. I'm still undecided on how it differs from this (and where my writing is supposed to go, at least as regards brainstorming and exercises).

(I should clarify that "these" are short written drabbles) and they are loosely inspired by life, but a few are flavored with my abritary imagination. These usually serve as my "practice" writing, if I feel stuck on actual stories or if I quite frankly have the desire to write something beautiful or engaging or dynamic and don't want to bother with crafting a plot.

I have pages of these, and decided, while I was re-reading them, that I should share them, as small as they are. Perhaps someone else can find something beautiful or interesting about them. That said, think of these as moments without any coherency, like the flash of raindrops, hundred hues sparkling, after the sun has risen.

From February 25, 2012

OneCollapse )

TwoCollapse )

ThreeCollapse )

From March 1, 2012
These were essentially written to convey vivid scenes and/or imaginative moods. And yes, I create my own "exercises". ^-^

Word Count: 14
Wind whips through the air, as dragons light as rainbows dart past the clouds.

FourCollapse )

FiveCollapse )

SixCollapse )

SevenCollapse )

One Piece 660: There Be Spoilers!

Nothing like referencing 18th to 19th century maps. I recall in a course I took back in college (Literature of the Early (United States) Republic), that map-makers often drew strange beasts and such things to fill up the space they hadn't explored or map. That also brings to mind a recent read on how Polynesian navigators charted their way through the seas using stars, the sun, swells, clouds, and other very interesting and nuanced understanding of their surroundings. And they were more accurate than the Europeans that came by in 16th-19th centuries.

Ah. Back to One Piece.
Remember these?Collapse )

And that's all for now. Good times. Exciting, intriuging, interesting -- it's good to be into One Piece right now. Looking forward to another decade at least.

May you stay strong in your dreams and what you truly need.

Philosophy Seminar: A Woman's Ambition

My final paper for my Philosophy Seminar (as the subject head indicates). It could definately be expanded upon but it clocks out at 3,337 words (minimum was 3,000 words). It will be here for two days until it's due, then removed and potentially posted elsewhere/later as part of a general theory and essay blog.

12/12/11: Removed for now; I will link to again when I re-post it. Thanks.


I was up early this morning and I thought -- rather than doing work, writing, or browsing the internet, I thought I'd actually comment on a few things. Of the most prominent news:

1. My plan is to graduate this fall semester, so no big ceremony. I never really wanted one anyway. After that, I will devote more time to writing professionally; or more specifically, I will live my dream stronger than before. Also, I would like to take the "off time" to collect myself and figure out my direction.

2. The Tale of Coming Night has, since I posted it on blogger, become obsolete. It's not entirely bad, but there are plot points that bother me (that have since I first wrote it), and it is currently being revised narratively and structurally. That said, the following two blogs I created to house the two following stories will probably remain empty for awhile.

3. Working on writing a version of the Ramayana.
This, if anything, is simply a quick status update, one might say. First, nothing bad has happened to me, though Hurricane Irene has yet to reach this far north along the east coast of North America. I'm not expecting much trouble, except lots of rain, wind, and power outages. If anything, I'd be worried about tornados, which, having been raised in Illinois as a child, hold a fervent fear over me. (Always go to the basement -- I learned that in elementry school when I was little...)

Second, I have finished posting The Tale of Coming Night to my blogger account. Yes, it has been renamed, to fit better with the overarching title I'm leaning toward. Also, there are definite grammar issues (as I noticed when I started re-reading my printed version), as well as stylistic aspects. But I will fix them relatively easily, I suspect. 36 (steadily longer) chapters to go, plus 3 epilogues and author notes, alongwith the two-three more stories. Yeah....This is my life.

Third, but less important, I seem to have lost a year's worth of writing, revising, brainstorming, etc, meaning my revision of The Dragon Quest has been, theoretically lost. Ah, well. It could have been worse.

Fourth, I'm starting my last semester of college tomorrow.

And that is all.

May you all keep safe and be blessed with what you truly need.

The summer is coming to a close and I have not written anything since the Tangled drabble, and so an array of updates are, or so I feel, needed.

1. I'm trying to consolidate my online writing (the bit that there is) into a more coherent spot. I attempted to have a separate LJ for it but I have since deleted one, while the other, Shiou'alan, is obsolete. I won't update it. In fact, I'd delete that journal too, if I could remember my password.

There is also my fanfiction account, which I would either delete or delete some of the information in my author's description. My fictionpress account has expired and my fanstory account expired but I renewed membership, mostly to delete the stories I had posted.

So in summary, most of them are either out of date, expired, obsolete, or so far out of memory I can no longer remember the passwords for any of them (fanfiction and Shiou'alan).

Thus with that in mind, I've decided on something like this:
this journal = general drabbles and more fanfic-ish writing
fanstory = essays, poems, and short quick writing
blogger = my revision of "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp"

2. My revision of 'The Tale of Flynn Rider' -- that poor little story began with such passion but after I saw Tangled and despite the initial surge of creativity it induced, it has since then led nowhere. I've been preoccupied with The Book of Radiant Light, book 4 (and originally to be the last) in my revision of "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp". So at the moment, I'm not planning on writing a revised take on Eugene Fritzherbert's life, unless it comes suddenly to inspire me.

Part of the problem is that the voice I created for Flynn in my first edition does not necessarily conicide with the actual character presented in Tangled. That stated, I'm not sure how I feel about Flynn's actual character; I'm fascinated with the potential of his character (a hybrid of Aladdin and Meg from Aladdin and Hercules with a stronger stealing additude, a la Nami from One Piece). There might be shimmers of something to come, but as of now, I wouldn't expect anything. For me, writing fanfic, Disney or otherwise, always feels like more work than my own writing. :P

3. Actually I think that's about it for now. Of course there's life in general, but I'm not worried about that and that's not what I use this journal for anyway.

Much thanks and may you be fulfilled and strive for what you truly need.

Disney: Tangled: "The First Date"

writing-Tangled-stories Thoughts -- implied spoilersCollapse )

And with enough of that odd rambling, I'm here to offer a short-short story that is about none of that, nor is it about Flynn and Rapunzel, which I'm sure would be the more interesting subject. Instead this is my first official Tangled writing because it wouldn't leave me alone til I wrote it.

I really want to make a love-connection…Collapse )

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